Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Guru playing at the Good Shepherd Episcopal School Assembly Richmond VA USA

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Learning a musical instrument can bring new horizons to a student's world. 

This brings with it a chance to connect with other students, share experiences and inspire imagination, creativity in the playing of pieces of music.

New horizons can be enhanced by the addition of a "Play by Ear" aspect to school music programs.

The "Play by Ear" approach can help students to develop self confidence in their instrument playing and also in other areas of life through putting something of their own self expression into their playing of pieces of music.

It can bring an attentiveness to playing and enhance the ability to enjoy the process of learning to play by ear in the moment.  

This truly, is the goal at the heart of all the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online programs; playfully instilling self confidence in all our students.  

Center to the heart of the Celtic music tradition is for the playing of music to be a joyful community focused experience. For instance, the gathering of players at Celtic music sessions are a strong part of the Scottish traditions and helped immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand settle in these countries with a new way of life.

These are some of the reasons why I would like to explore the possibilities of the programs on offer in the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Colin MacLeod (Celtic Fiddle Guru)  


Programs included in the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online:

Play By Ear

Develop the skills of playing from the heart through Celtic Fiddle Play by Ear online courses.

Jam Sessions

The goal from the Celtic music sessions online is to have fun and develop the confidence to join in a Celtic music session anywhere in the world .

Group Classes

Learn new tunes, ask questions, get tips on techniques.

Kindly reprinted with permission of Virginia Independent Schools Association USA

Virginia Independent Schools Digital Magazine Article Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Guru

“MR. COLIN MACLEOD DELIVERED.... an amazing presentation to our PK3 through 5th grade students during our school's Global Fair Day. He fills the room with energy and enthusiasm! The students loved it when Mr. MacLeod got them on their feet to dance while playing his fiddle. The children also enjoyed the many stories and information he shared from Scotland and his travels. Every child was completely engaged from the time that they walked into the room until the time that they left!

- Pinewood Preparatory School, Summerville, SC, USA

Watch the video of the Resipole Fiddle Fest and find out more about my philosophy on teaching Celtic fiddle. 

Celtic music has a social glue aspect to it aswell as the gift of creating space for musicians to develop the art of playful self confidence.

Help your students to develop the art of playful self confidence in music and life.

Find out more about the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online.