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Learning a musical instrument and having the world as a student's school nurtures a richness of exposure to country cultures, music and stories.

And with international travel being increasingly accessible to families, taking the instrument e.g. violin, ukelele abroad as part of onboard luggage is becoming the norm.

I had a recent conversation with one worldschooling mum who mentioned about a family travelling to Japan and one of the children was able to learn some Japanese folk songs through learning these by ear.

This was delightful to hear as this was something I had personally experienced during a visit to Nepal in 2017 and was supplemented by an international music jamming session at Bangkok of the Irish song 'Sally Gardens'. The song was sung in Japanese.

As a child growing up in Scotland, learning the violin opened up possibilities to travel and play in different towns and cities around Scotland and in later life, farther afield.

Being able to travel with the violin on the go has helped to bring the modern world alive in wonderful ways from Celtic music sessions in South Africa, Australia, the United States to playing for the elephants in the Sumatran Jungle or playing in a plane at 33,000 feet over Mt. Everest in the Himalayas.

One of the skills of playing a musical instrument which has made all this possible is that of learning to play by ear. 

This skill can help to nurture a fun and playful approach to learning music, experiencing new cultures and making new friends.

And the skill can be nurtured on the go, through online learning.

Within the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online, this truly, is the goal at the heart of all my programs; playfully instilling self confidence in all our students.  

It is at the heart of the Celtic music tradition for the playing of music to be a joyful community focused experience. For instance, the gathering of players at Celtic music sessions are a strong part of the Scottish tradition and helped Scots who emigrated to countries around the world, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand to make new friends and join in with the music of other cultures. 

This is why I would like to explore the possibilities of the programs on offer in the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Colin MacLeod (Celtic Fiddle Guru)  


Programs included in the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online:

Play By Ear

Develop the skills of playing from the heart through learning by ear.

Jam Sessions

The goal from the Celtic music sessions online is to have fun and develop the confidence to join in a Celtic music session anywhere in the world .

Group Classes

Learn new tunes, ask questions, get tips on techniques.

“It's the 30th year of the RSSC (Residential Summer String Camp, Tasmania) and you are one of our past wonderful tutors, thanks for what you brought us. We miss you!”

- Margaret Hoban, Music Director RSSC and Conductor, Launceston Youth And Community Orchestra, Tasmania, Australia

Watch the video of the Resipole Fiddle Fest and find out more about my philosophy on teaching Celtic fiddle. 

Celtic music has a social glue aspect to it aswell as the gift of allowing musicians to develop playful self confidence.

Help your family to develop the art of playful self confidence in music and life.

Find out more about the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery online.